a small intro

hi there!

Earlier this year, I started a newsletter of things I was enjoying while under quarantine, from fresh fruit in Chinatown to the comforting cinema of Eric Rohmer. It was a blast, even if there was only ever one copy in circulation. Life got in the way, with me moving back home, taking care of my bony yet still very loud grandmother, and of course, graduating university.

I wanted to start another newsletter, less formulaic in it’s design, and more of just a medium for the (literal) dozens of you who subscribed to hear my thoughts on things. City Boy, is part blog, part newsletter, and partly a fun way for me to keep up with people in my life who want to know which bottle of amaro I’m digging, what kind of music I’m listening to, and exactly what I think of the euro. (Spoiler: we don’t need it. Sorry, Merkel.)

anyways, thanks as always for reading. let 2021 be our year!

In the meantime, tell your friends!